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Smart Acquiring

An acquirer specifically focused on the e-commerce and m-commerce arenas, Credorax introduces an entirely new breed of acquiring — Smart Acquiring — to PSPs, ISOs and online retailers.


Paperless sign up, nextgen efficient digital processes & cost-effective payment processing.


More settlement currencies.

Licensed in all EU member states and enabled by NextGen technology, Credorax enables merchants to trade globally and settle locally.


Fully secure.

Employing the very latest risk management tools, Credorax merchants receive the best in online security and safety, ensuring optimal business growth and minimal losses in a fully PCI compliant environment.

What our partners say
Mark Atsbury
Commercial Director

We enjoy working with Credorax's team of creative professionals. Their platform is quite different from the traditional banking platform, and they offer a unique technology approach that integrates seamlessly and is reliable.

One of the biggest advantages of working with Credorax is their ability to leverage technology as a strategic advantage in mobile and online payment processing.

Andre Malinowski
Director of Financial Management Solution

Credorax has a young, dynamic team of strategic thinkers. The company truly understands our business and is always two steps ahead of what we need. We have found Credorax to be much more agile and responsive than many other acquirers.

Fiona Brown
Head of Risk

We love that we are able to collaborate with Credorax to meet the specific e-commerce requirements of our larger clients. Credorax gives us both the flexibility and the agility we need to customize solutions and by doing so, addresses many unmet needs in today's online payments industry. This is a key differentiator for our clients.

Richard Smith
Chief Strategic Officer

The strategic relationship we have with Credorax is unlike any other payment service/client association I've experienced. Slowly but surely, they've won our trust, won our clients and proved to be a reliable service. Their team delivers.

We've been very impressed by their level of commitment and know that we can count on Credorax to help us grow our business as our UK trade partners look to expand easily into complicated global markets such as China.

Christian Deger

Credorax is a great partner for us, proving to be at the cutting edge of payment technology and one of the first to leverage payment processing opportunities for mobile point of sale.  Credorax's can-do attitude combined with their superior use of technology and expertise in EMV provided us with the competitive advantage we were looking for.

Steve Grech

We see Credorax as a pioneer as they were the very first acquirer to specialize in e-commerce for merchants. We have a high level of confidence in Credorax and how they are able to process card-not-present transactions smoothly and safely. In addition, we have been able to leverage their tiered structure and flexibility - a key selling point for merchants.

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