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Top 5 Ways to Truly Delight Partners & Merchants
Know that your customer is your best asset
Never forget good old fashioned customer service
Credorax strongly believes in a customer-centric approach to acquiring. Each of our customers and partners is assigned a dedicated Credorax team that supports them throughout the entire payment lifecycle. From technology solution architects to relationship managers & sales operations managers, each client receives around-the-clock customised and personalised services.

We also offer a combination of payment models, quick MID set-ups through digital onboarding, and extended BI solutions, all designed to provide added value for our partners.

Don't take my word for it though,
Recognize your customer's success as your success
Recognize your customer's success as your success
Proactively work to increase and improve approval rates
Our payment partners and merchants are constantly concerned about declining consumer credit card payments. We have a dedicated team of experts that work with our customers specifically to increase their approval rates.

For example, in our 'Benchmark Analysis Programme' we pinpoint companies from our customer portfolio and from the field with the highest approval rates and compare them to our customers' ratings. We then proactively pinpoint the differences, identify the cause of their higher approval rates and give our customers specific recommendations based on these results.
Remember that convenience is King
Allow 'currency of choice' for settlements
While we process all major global currencies, we allow our customers to select their 'currency of choice' when it comes to settlements. Since we have jurisdiction in every European Union country, we can settle the payments in those local currencies at minimum banking and exchange fees.
Remember that convenience is King
Be a technology expert
Help your customer make smarter business decisions using technology tools
Credorax's roots are deeply embedded in technology. As such, we understand that in order to make smarter business decisions our customers need as much meaningful information as possible.

That's why Credorax Business Intelligence experts spend day and night analysing our customers’ payments activity in order to provide them with data reports and tools that help them make better business-critical decisions; from reducing chargebacks to increasing approval rates to targeting new consumers.
Remember that convenience is King
Be financially driven
Always be thinking 'how can we bring more value?’
Credorax understands its customers' need for a faster time to money. That's why we developed our own Onboarding API which enables fast and intuitive onboarding in a fully automated, secure environment. No more waiting for paperwork and no more hassle, just the ability to onboard merchants and start payment processing in days.

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Remember that convenience is King