Approval Rates

Take your payment
processing to
the max.

Know your stats. Minimise declines.

24/7 detailed
monitoring & analysis

Early problem-area detection

Effective, focused monitoring

Cash-loss minimisation


Gateway-logs monitoring

System-rules optimisation

False-positive minimisation

Issuer behaviour

Request-log analysis

Decline-response identification

Proactive improvements

Your entire transaction funnel. Fully analysed.

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Trust the eCommerce experts.

Everything you need to send your approval rates skyward.

Experienced data
analyst team

Smart data tools to improve
your conversion rates

account managers

Results that speak
for themselves.


Approval rate


Quarter averageabove benchmark

Employing a dedicated team of analysts to
investigate why cards are declined and advising
merchants on steps to take to optimise payments,
Credorax secured an 83% approval rate - 6.3%
above the industry benchmark - for Wargaming,
consistently throughout the year.

Matthieu Chapelle
Deputy Head of Global Payments

We have millions of users logging in from all over the world. Credorax's ability to process payments worldwide through a single payment platform has saved us a great deal of time and hassle. In addition, we have been able to increase revenue due to high approval rates that inevitably led to higher conversion rates.

Credorax is an expert in this arena, especially when it comes to approval rate optimisation and customised solutions. The company has an outstanding support department that consistently provides high-quality information with speed and accuracy. It's this "can-do" attitude, combined with outstanding professionalism, that sets Credorax apart.

David Zuria
Chief Operating Officer

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