Monthly Archives: March 2020
business continuity essentials in times of instability

How business continuity plans are vital for tech resilience

A million articles have already been written about the Coronavirus – how to survive at home, how to order online […]

By Moshe Selfin COO & CTO, Credorax

How we guaranteed our business continuity during the Coronavirus

And there we have it: following a government directive, Credorax’s offices in Israel were shut down last week, with all […]

By Ilya Dubinsky Vice President, CTO Office, Credorax
sca: strong customer authentication for ecommerce

SCA: The Story so Far

Remember the panic around the Y2K Bug? It all seems quaint now, but there were huge concerns that computerized systems […]

By Chanan Lavi SVP ePayments Credorax
how to avoid commerce chargebacks

How Coronavirus is impacting commerce chargebacks

The spread of the Coronavirus worldwide means that some merchants are encountering the idea of force majeure (French for ‘greater force’) for the very first time. 

By Tal Fadlon Card Scheme Specialist, Credorax