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In app payments are changing the app world

Defying the monopoly: in-app payments movement is approaching

This is essentially what the battle between Epic Games and Apple is all about, and why Epic broke its contract […]

By Omer Aljanati Head of Processing Products

Taking a Domestic Approach to Cross-Border Payments

In fact, thanks to the rise of apps and websites that now store payment details using tokenization, payments are gradually becoming […]

By Maya Shilo-Feldman Senior Product Manger
5 things to notice when selecting a payment provider

Five considerations to help you find the right payments processing solution

The psychologist Barry Schwartz called this the paradox of choice – the more options you have as a buyer, the […]

By Lauren Joseph VP of Business Operations
digital wallet in a cashless society

A Cashless Society? Cash is out, digital payments are in.

Why so bold? The cashless model isn’t some theoretical, fantastical forecast. It is already nearly established in select regions across […]

what to consider in selecting payment processor

What payment processing issues should merchants be considering?

Don’t forget to backup I cannot stress this enough – merchants must have connectivity to more than one acquirer, and […]

By Alon Bigler VP Business Development and Strategic Solutions at Credorax
what are the Ecommerce challenges

The three main ecommerce business challenges

Facing the trials and tribulations COVID-19 has exacerbated the global payments challenge. Now more than ever, there is an urgent […]

How gen z shopping habits look like

Social Commerce: The Shopping Habits of Gen Z

You might be interested to know, for example, that Gen Z-ers shopping habits have them shopping on social channels two-to-three […]

By Alon Bigler VP Business Development and Strategic Solutions at Credorax
How to choose your innovation partner

Don’t Believe the Hype: How to Make Smart Decisions About Innovation Partners

 This means we get to try the big ideas – even those that seem entirely unachievable- to see if they […]

By Ilya Dubinsky Vice President, CTO Office, Credorax
how to survive, thrive and make it to the other side of the coronavirus

How to survive, thrive and make it to the other side of the Coronavirus

In the short term, eCommerce retailers will see significant sales gains due to the Coronavirus, especially if their business is […]

Tal Fadlon Card Scheme Specialist, Credorax
Liron Eisenstein Card Scheme Relationship Manager
sca: strong customer authentication for ecommerce

SCA: The Story so Far

Remember the panic around the Y2K Bug? It all seems quaint now, but there were huge concerns that computerized systems […]

By Chanan Lavi SVP ePayments Credorax
how to avoid commerce chargebacks

How Coronavirus is impacting commerce chargebacks

The spread of the Coronavirus worldwide means that some merchants are encountering the idea of force majeure (French for ‘greater force’) for the very first time. 

By Tal Fadlon Card Scheme Specialist, Credorax