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3ds 2.0 exemptions stratagy

Get Creative: Optimise SCA with 3DS 2.0 Exemptions

To make things easier for both businesses and cardholders, PSD2 exempts some types of payment from the requirements of Strong […]

By Tal Fadlon Card Scheme Specialist, Credorax
SCA 3DS-Delay

SCA Delays in Europe

Many merchants across Europe have already fully implemented 3D Secure 2 and SCA as they understand that these new measures […]

face recogntion as part of 3D secure 2 features

PSD2, SCA & 3D Secure 2 – A Clear Guide for Merchants

PSD2: This is an abbreviation of the ‘Second Payment Services Directive’. PSD2’s overarching goal is to encourage an open banking […]

Transitionining from 3DS 1 to 3DS 2

Why Card Schemes are Transitioning from 3D Secure 1.0 to 2.0

A Proactive Approach Although 3DS 1.0 and 3DS 2.0 have coexisted for several years with both protocols (still) valid, Visa […]

By Tal Fadlon Card Scheme Specialist, Credorax
Corona update: Mastercard & Visa Increase Contactless Payment Limits in Europe

Corona update: Mastercard & Visa Increase Contactless Payment Limits in Europe

In card present payments, card schemes require cardholder verification methods (CVMs) to authenticate that the customer holding the card is […]

sca: strong customer authentication for ecommerce

SCA: The Story so Far

Remember the panic around the Y2K Bug? It all seems quaint now, but there were huge concerns that computerized systems […]

By Chanan Lavi SVP ePayments Credorax

Open Banking: To regulate or not to regulate? That is the question.

Following extensive growth in recent years of online banking services and online payments, consumers face a new variety of challenges, […]

By Alona Shamardin Senior Legal Council

Chargeback disputes: the latest attempt by fraudsters to beat the system – and how to make sure they don’t!

We think of chargebacks as being a modern inconvenience and a feature of commercial dealings. Yet, documents dating as far […]

The EU’s Fourth Money Laundering Directive

The sequel to the Third Money Laundering Directive (3MLD), in force since 2005, will finally be released, over a decade […]

Is Electronic Signature Safe and Legally Binding?

In a world where technology is developing faster than legislators can handle, are we getting carried away with accepting new […]

What You Need to Know About the New EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

On February 2, 2016, the much-anticipated agreement between the EU Commission and the U.S. outlining the framework for the transfer […]

European Parliament Votes to End Geo-Blocking

As part of its Digital Single Market Strategy, the European Parliament voted on January 19th to combat the practice of […]

Are You Ready for Strong Customer Authentication?

Now that the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has been finalized, issues of transposition will come to the fore. This is because […]

Insights From MasterCard’s MCDS Conference

The MasterCard MCDS conference took place November 4-6. The conference covered quite a few payments topics and trends. It was […]

Credorax Celebrates Pan-European Banking License Launch

Previously a licensed financial institution, Credorax has now officially evolved into a commercial bank in Europe. Having recently received our […]

The Digital Single Market Strategy: Innovation Meets Regulation

In the payment services and e-commerce arena, EU regulators are striving to keep up with the rapid pace at which […]

PSD II: One Step Closer

On October 8, 2015, the proposed PSD II was formally approved by the European Parliament (EP) by 578 votes to […]

ISO 20022: We’re Just Getting Started

Recently, a working group composed of payments processing experts completed work on a first draft of the ISO 20022 standards. […]