Working with a leading payments services provider to drive new market growth

When Credorax partnered with Pay360 by Capita eight years ago, Pay360 was already one of the UK’s largest payment services providers (PSPs). Their goal? Bringing best-in-class payments technology and unparalleled customer service to new European markets. Working alongside Credorax, that’s precisely what Pay360 has been able to achieve.

Providing a wide range of payments solutions – including online, face-to-face, telephone, and multi-channel – Pay360 has delivered seamless payment experiences to a diverse array of public and private sector merchants for two decades.

Credorax has been a full-spectrum payment partner in growing and strengthening Pay360’s merchant relationships – leveraging its clout as a licensed European Merchant Acquiring Bank to expand into new countries, onboarding new merchants, harnessing its expertise in Risk & Compliance, and providing ongoing strategic support and customer service.

Global reach

With acquiring and processing capabilities in more than 30 European countries, Credorax enables both PSPs and merchants to tap into the European eCommerce market. That’s what inspired Pay360 to turn to Credorax.

Over the course of our payment partnership, Credorax and Pay360 have onboarded roughly 70 European merchants, offering friction-free integration, high approval rates, and superior customer service. Commenting on Credorax’s acquiring capabilities, Pay360 Managing Director Stephen Ferry said:

“That has given us the ability to move into new markets that we were previously not in but also grow market share in markets we were in. That wouldn’t have happened without Credorax – because they give us that route and that access to those markets and those customers.”

A genuine partnership

Once a merchant is acquired, Credorax works closely with our partners to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Ferry related:

“When we have brand-new customers that we onboard and we need to take them to the next level, Credorax have supported us in a number of ways.

We’ve got a very large merchant that we’re working together to go live. We are working very closely, hand-in-hand with Credorax, to make sure that the onboarding process is correct, which is fundamental to a good customer experience.”

Credorax doesn’t stop there: Our partnerships are true joint ventures, with uncompromising support from our account management teams to guide PSPs through every step of the process. As Ferry commented:

“Our risk and compliance team work hand-in-glove with Credroax’s risk and compliance team. What that means is the problem is shared and the solution is resolved as quickly as possible, ultimately giving us customers that we want and obviously retain.”

Availability at every level

Our payment partnerships are rooted in a very simple idea: Open, transparent communication is critical to our success and that of our partners. That’s why Credorax prides itself on making sure that from the C-level to account management to customer support, we’re always there for our partners – whether they need to mull over a strategic decision or address merchant issues. Ferry said that Credorax’s approach has made all the difference:

“You send an email, you pick up the phone, you get a response in a timely manner and they look to dissolve the problem.

There is an openness and a sharing of information that enables us to mutually benefit. That is something that doesn’t happen in many relationships.”

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