The final countdown begins.  In less than a week, every sector of the gaming industry will once again gather for some fun and networking at ICE 2015 in London. Given our incredibly successful accomplishments in 2014, we are excited to have Credorax play a pivotal role in this year’s event.

So what does Credorax have to offer the gaming community? We sat down with Koen Vanpraet, our Chief Commercial Officer, to find out a bit more about why Credorax will stand out at ICE this year.

Question: What do you believe is the key reason for our increased success in the online payments arena?

Answer: I believe we offer something unique in the industry, an acquiring business model which is technology-focused, merchant-centric and most importantly, financially-driven.

What’s our ‘secret sauce’?  First and foremost, it’s good old fashioned customer service. Credorax strongly believes in a customer-centric approach to acquiring. Every one of our customers and partners is assigned a dedicated Credorax team that supports them throughout the entire payment lifecycle.

In addition,  we offer a winning combination of: improved approval rates; flexible payment models; quick MID set-ups through digital onboarding; and extended BI solutions.

Here is a closer look at each benefit:

Increasing and improving approval rates:

Our payment partners and merchants are constantly concerned about declining consumer credit card payments. We work very closely with our customers and partners to help them improve credit card approval rates. In fact, we have a dedicated team of experts that work with each and every one of our customers to increase their approval rates.

For example, take our ‘Benchmark Analysis Program’, where we pinpoint companies from our customer portfolio and from the field that have the highest approval rates, and compare them to our customers’ ratings. We then identify the differences and analyse what caused the higher approval rates.In our final report we give our customers the substantive recommendations based on these results.

Allowing a ‘currency of choice’ for settlements:

While we process all major global currencies, we allow our customers to select their ‘currency of choice’ when it comes to settlements. Since we have jurisdiction in every EU country, we are able to settle the payments in those local currencies at minimum banking and exchange fees.

Encouraging smarter business decisions:

The company’s roots are deeply embedded in technology and as such we are an acquirer that really understands the technology needs of our e-commerce customers. We understand that to make smarter business decisions our customers need as much meaningful information as possible.

Credorax Business Intelligence experts analyse our customers’ payments activity to provide them, both in real-time and historically, with data reports and tools that help them make better business decisions.

Our clients have been able to leverage these reports to really improve their businesses, from reducing chargebacks to increasing approval rates to targeting new consumers.


Our Onboarding API enables fast and intuitive onboarding in an automated, secure environment, therefore enabling merchants to quickly turn leads into cash. We discuss our innovating digital onboarding in depth in our recent blog post.

Question: So what does Credorax plan to focus on in 2015?

Answer: Our main focus will be to continue our leadership role as the first, truly global merchant acquiring bank that offers a single, unified payment acquiring platform across the globe.

As I said earlier, we believe in a three-pronged approach to ensuring our customers’ success: be merchant-centric, technology-focused and financially-driven. It is for these very reasons that we want to continue our global expansion, as at the end of the day, it will ultimately benefit our loyal customers and partners.

If you are at ICE 2015, please visit Credorax stand N6-312 for an informative and fun, footy-filled experience!