We definitely left our mark on this year’s Merchant Payment Ecosystems conference. Between resource materials, a seminar and an award, it was hard to leave MPE 2015 without a better understanding of the Credorax mission. Through all of our varied activities at the conference, we clearly established ourselves as a leader in cross-border acquiring.

Sharing Our Knowledge and Experience

In preparation for the conference, Credorax sponsored the conference’s Rich Merchant Services 3.0 briefing materials. According to MPE, the briefing materials “outline the importance of featured topics and challenges for merchants and their POS and payment providers.” We were privileged to have the opportunity to sponsor them as they are a valuable resource for all industry stakeholders, both for the conference and beyond. Be sure to read through to the end to hear from Yana Persky our Competitive Intelligence Manger on how she sees the current industry trends playing out for the acquiring sector.

In addition to the RMS Brief, Sveta Bulshtein, Credorax’s Senior Sales Account Manager gave a fascinating and well-received seminar on Merchant Onboarding Challenges on the second day of the conference. She gave a thorough overview of the current state of merchant onboarding for most acquirers, including many of its challenges for both merchants and acquirers. Sveta then shared some of the solutions Credorax offers to overcome these challenges.  One of the main takeaways from her presentation is that so many issues related to onboarding- including too many time and paperwork requirements- can be solved by Credorax’s onboarding API technology.

Crowning Achievement

After such a successful beginning came the highlight of the conference for us. Koen Vanpraet, our Chief Commercial Officer, received the MPE Personality of the Year award. According to the event sponsors, this award was given “to those acquirers who were instrumental in pushing the payment system to the next level and for those innovations which were relevant to the success of acceptance business today and in the future.”

Given the tremendous strides Credorax has made in the last year on the global stage, we feel this recognition is well-deserved.

Koen delivered his thank you message by video, as he had prior family obligations to attend to.  His video thanks said it best:

“On behalf of myself and Credorax, I’d like to thank MPE and the jury and all of you for receiving this great, exciting award. I think we should all appreciate that Credorax is a young organization, it’s a young company and operating in the acquiring landscape of today, to receive an award like this is a great acknowledgement of credibility, of confidence that we are doing the right thing.”

The MPE Personality Award was very satisfying win for Credorax, especially coming on the heels of a year which was filled with both hard work and numerous achievements. Indeed, it confirms that we are on the right track to making Smart Acquiring a reality for merchants around the globe. We look forward to continued success in 2015!