In recent years, the payments landscape has transformed. Gone are the days in which cash and cards reigned supreme. Now, alternative payment methods have flooded the market, making payments simpler, more convenient, and often much quicker for consumers.

In fact, thanks to the rise of apps and websites that now store payment details using tokenization, payments are gradually becoming invisible, meaning that customers no longer need to type in their details, or even wait for a confirmation message; once they’ve used a service, they simply wait for a receipt to land in their inbox. This kind of convenience translates into revenue.

The impact of COVID-19 has only accelerated the gradual shift away from the use of cash and towards the adoption of new and existing payment methods. The result is that consumers across the globe are now accustomed to the payment process being as simple as clicking on a button.

payments from any place with Cross-border payments

Payments that cross borders

As much of commerce has shifted online in the wake of the pandemic, merchants have embraced digital payment methods and found them to be invaluable. Similarly, as consumers shop online in ever greater numbers, they’re considering buying from new merchants they’ve not shopped with before. If the option for overseas delivery is there, then why not?

However, to convert overseas browsers into buyers, merchants need to convince them that the purchasing process will be secure, fast and seamless. A payments partner can help merchants to do this, equipping them with a checkout experience that customers will keep returning to.

To reach into new locations and provide the localized, secure, frictionless payment solution consumers expect, a plug & play solution with one global, scalable, unified provider can be of real benefit to merchants.

So, it’s time to consider the reality of crossing borders, and how merchants can localize for different geographical areas, making their offering more appealing to consumers of different nationalities by offering various languages, currencies, cultures, and payment methods.

But there isn’t one single universal solution. In reality, the popularity of specific payment methods changes, depending on where customers are located.

Because it’s not just about being able to accept cross-border payments; it’s about consumers being able to pay with their favourite payment method and providing a smooth checkout experience so they don’t end up abandoning their cart.

That’s where domestic cross-border payments come into play.


What do we mean by domestic cross-border processing?


Cross-border processing is critical for merchants who want to tap into new markets and new customer bases around the globe. But it’s also important to understand when cross-border processing won’t work. For instance, when a domestic approach is likely to have a stronger impact on transactions and approval rates.


Credorax’s connectivity to different local solutions is key to tapping into local acquirers in places where cross-border payments aren’t available, for example, in regions where most card schemes are domestic, or in countries where the payment culture is based on local payment methods.


Being well connected to local acquirers around the world is what optimizes our approval rates, no matter where the merchant is processing.


Any country, any card, any payment method

At Credorax, we provide cross-border Smart Acquiring services to global merchants and payment service providers. This means that our main tasks are to ensure that we minimize the risk of payments failing across different markets by providing the relevant solutions, and to secure and improve the approval rates of global merchants.

Our global connectivity offering crosses geographic boundaries and improves our merchants’ businesses by making new markets more accessible. As such, we can help merchants like yourself take advantage of a unified service with domestic acquiring, which reduces costs and keeps approval rates high.

 Our merchants also benefit from our partnerships with a multitude of local banks and our acquiring services in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania, supporting international cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Discover, JCB, and Union Pay. Our services also support over 150 payment methods, such as the increasingly popular PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDEAL, AliPay and WeChat Pay.

As a result, we can provide you with worldwide payment connectivity to help you gain potential customers.

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