Gearing up for Money2020 Vegas, we decided to publish information about our tools and services in an easy-to-read format, so that our current and future customers can readily understand what we do and why it is so important for the borderless economy. E-commerce is growing rapidly, and in 2015 cross-border e-commerce represented about one-fifth ($304 billion) of all transactions! It is vital for merchants to have a seamless and streamlined acquiring bank they can trust to provide superior security, functionality and customer service.
Credorax has a wealth of payments experience and brings powerful benefits to customers, including:

• High approval rates
• Affordable rates for merchants
• Compliance with local and cross-border regulations
• Flexible software and personalized solutions architecture
• In-depth analytics
• End-to-end customer service

The keystone of Credorax’s services is ePower 2.0, which offers superior technology, value-added business tools and services, and military-grade encryption and security services.
Check out our infographic for all the details! Learn how Credorax can be the perfect match for your e-commerce needs; contact us at