Last month’s Emerging Payments Awards in London was truly a night to remember for Credorax. We took home awards for both Merchant Acquirer of the Year and Best Emerging Payments Marketing Campaign of the Year. We are honored to have been recognized for the hard work we put into serving payment service providers and clients around the world.

In conferring these awards on us, the EPA has recognized the success of our singular blend of technology, banking licenses and unparalleled client services.

It is this success that allows us to usher in a new era of frictionless e-commerce, where regulatory, cultural and technological obstacles become relics of the past. In this brave new world of e-commerce, we believe that businesses of all sizes should get equal service and opportunity to compete for a piece of the online pie.

To deal with the regulatory challenges that tend to plague cross-border transactions, we have secured as many banking licenses as possible around the world. This allows us to cut out the middleman and reduce bureaucracy and fees.

We believe that all payments are local. In order to provide the best service to our clients, we need to be right there and work with rather than against local regulations. While this seems logical, Credorax is one of the very few acquiring banks to put this theory into practice.

Currently, we hold licenses across three continents:  MFSA European Banking license (EU), MALPB Acquiring license from the State of Georgia (USA), and License from Ministry of Finance (Japan).

As a tech company, we’ve built proprietary technology that has successfully disrupted the often outdated and arcane world of payments. Our ePower platform enables merchants and payment service providers to conduct all of their online payments business through a single online source rather than through fragmented solutions dispersed in different regions.

This game-changing platform was officially introduced to the industry at our gala event – UNIFY – in London on June 16th.

Finally, we have worked hard to address the needs of all merchants, from the smallest to the largest. Together with our partners, through e-commerce and mPOS channels, we have leveled the playing field, making it easier and more affordable for small merchants to compete against “behemoth” players. And for bigger brands, Credorax offers a complete e-commerce business package for cross-border activities, covering everything from supply chain to processing.

These combined achievements have afforded us the right to stake our claim as the first, truly global merchant acquiring bank. The secret to our success? A singular focus on technology-driven, customer-oriented acquiring.

We look forward to reporting more good news on our company achievements in the coming weeks.