Credorax is creating a revolution in the global e-commerce sphere through our Smart Acquiring business approach: We have been able to break down these barriers to entry for merchants into the global e-commerce marketplace, regardless of their demographic or location. We are very proud of the number of businesses we have been able to help in their quest to achieve borderless e-commerce growth. For example, one of our partners is an SME that does project management for small mom-and-pop shops in the U.S. For years it had difficulty entering the UK market, but with Credorax’s Smart Acquiring platform, it has grown its cross-border business into UK by 500% this year.

ePower 2.0: Disruptive Technology-Flattening Global E-Commerce

Smart Acquiring incorporates different elements that work together to offer a unified and technologically innovative solution: The One Global Payment Platform, ePower 2.0. Credorax built ePower 2.0 as the first single, unified and automated global-domestic acquiring platform. This enables merchants and payment partners to work with one acquirer and one centralized, global payment platform, instead of fragmented and siloed payment solutions dispersed in different locations.

The platform will enable our partners to provide the “one-click” experience to their customers. Whether a micro- merchant or a mega-merchant, sole trader or corporate giant, the platform can be adapted to each individual organization’s needs.

The unified ePower 2.0 platform offers the following features:

  1. Adaptable according to the partner’s business model, whether it is a PSP or any other model
  2. The interaction with Credorax includes one API, one engagement, one contract, no matter the geographical location
  3. All of the platform’s elements, including onboarding, is paperless and digital including two separate APIs for onboarding and transaction processing.
  4. And for the 2.0 version, introducing the Brain:

The Brain decides the level of service required for every transaction through proprietary analysis. Subsequently, the Brain processes and tracks the transaction accordingly. The Brain is the interface between Credorax systems and the outside world.

ePower 2.0 is our newest acquiring platform which enables a one-click acquiring experience, anytime, anywhere. Click here to see our COO, Moshe Selfin, discuss ePower 2.0 in depth at June’s Credorax UNIFY event.