Online travel is a competitive business with tight margins. All the hard work building brand and attracting customers can be thrown off course if users experience problems or transactions don’t go through quickly and consistently.

The challenges mount with cross-border e-commerce. Part one of our two-part series explained how Credorax helped, a flight search engine and online travel agency, overcome obstacles related to foreign currencies.  In this post we share how agile business intelligence (BI) and reporting have helped Kiwi keep its business competitive and improve results.

Information, the Lifeblood of E-commerce

Great traffic and conversions are the lifeblood of a successful e-commerce business.  But it’s important to get a steady flow of the right information too.  Especially in online travel, you can nail the first two factors but excessive chargebacks or problems with reconciliation can still ruin your bottom line. It can help to get visibility into transaction patterns and obstacles.

Credorax boasts a very robust and efficient BI platform, which allows us to deliver reports that are leagues above industry standards. We offer our clients flexibility to access information they need using a multi-channel delivery approach.


Insights, our online portal, lets merchants easily view processing activity and analyze business results.  It provides up-to-the-minute business critical info on merchant accounts.  An overview page gives a bird’s eye view of processing performance.  You can also analyze by region and card type to see countries where the business is the most popular, statement details and identify problem areas, to help with troubleshooting.

Our team tailors the reports based on each customer’s needs. The customizations can be executed quickly, because of Insights’ robust and flexible framework. Machine-readable reports help clients integrate the information with their own systems to automate processes, reconciliations, and statistics and provide as needed for their own portals.

Taking Flight with Better Processing Insight and Performance

Credorax worked closely with Kiwi’s accounts receivables and billing departments to deliver highly granular and automated reporting that easily integrated with their back-end operations.  In addition, our data-rich reporting provided Kiwi with the granular transaction details needed to make quick and key business decisions.

Credorax’s 40+ person BI team created a customized, agile reporting suite for Kiwi that centered on three types of services:

  1. Kiwi received daily reports via Insights and were able to look for specific transactions via search filters. Data extracts across a variety of formats help them see the financial picture to the finest detail.
  2. Monthly balance reports improve Kiwi’s accounting and reporting.
  3. Kiwi chose to utilize all of Credorax’s CBK representment facilities, which include high-tech automatic chargeback monitoring and representation.

“A key reason we appreciate working with Credorax is because of their agile and BI-driven reporting solutions,” said CFO Juraj Striezenec. “Their data-rich reporting provides us with the granular transaction details we need to make quick and key business decisions. In addition, unlike competitors, they provide different reporting viewing options, such as real-time access and viewing through their Insights online customer portal to receiving monthly balance reports, which enable us to manage our books and official reporting better”

Kiwi continues to choose Credorax as its preferred merchant acquiring bank. Results include:

  • Processes in 156 countries.
  • Kiwi processes 33 currencies, with 25 categorized as exotic.
  • Transactions run smoothly and efficiently with minimal declines.
  • Customized and granular reporting continues to drive efficiencies