The Credorax team had a fantastic time at Money20/20 Europe, one of the largest European FinTech events, in Amsterdam last week.  We had over 60 scheduled meetings, and many stopped by our booth.  We enjoyed seeing our partners and meeting prospects and industry experts. There were many great sessions and informative panels.

Here are the top five highlights:

  1. AI was front and center throughout the event. Monday featured a day long AI Deep Dive session in which our COO/CTO Moshe Selfin shared the stage with Apple Co-founder ‘the Woz’ and luminaries from Feedzai, Goldman Sachs, BBVA and Carnegie Mellon University to discuss the Future of Banking: AI and Blockchain.

Moshe Selfin and ‘the Woz’

  1. Ilya Dubinsky, Credorax Head of CTO Office, took part in a webinar panel on the Future of Banking: Data and Big Tech that was filmed live from Money20/20 EU, with over 500 people attending globally. Check out the webinar here (it includes a downloadable white paper: The Payments Revolution: How will we Pay?).
  1. Open collaboration between big banks/companies and fintechs was a major theme. Nir Levy, our head of products and professional services, commented: “There’s an air of acceptance and more collaboration between corporate/large banks and fintech companies. People are realizing that much can be gained by combining innovative technology and experts from different fields to build a great future for customers and businesses.”
  1. Stefan Dab, Senior Partner and MD, The Boston Consulting Group moderated a session with Andy Maguire, Group Managing Director & Group COO, HSBC: It’s about the customer, stupid. Maguire covered the customer-driven approach at HSBC, and their work with fintech partners.
  1. It wasn’t all just business. The Money20/20 EU Street takeover party was a blast!

Thank you Money20/20 organizers for all your efforts and contribution in making this event successful! And thanks to all who met with us and visited our booth at Money20/20 Europe.

See you next year!