Welcome to the official Credorax blog. We are excited to participate in the global payments industry conversation and we’re also looking forward to sharing important news about our rapidly growing company.

For visitors who’d like to learn more about Credorax and our aim, here is a quick intro to our story.


Credorax is a global digital acquirer focused on providing Smart Acquiring payment solutions to e-commerce and m-commerce PSPs, ISOs and merchants.

Founded in 2007, Credorax is proud to be a pioneer in the industry and one of the first high-tech companies to become a principal member of Visa Europe and MasterCard and a licensed financial institution. As we are aiming to provide global coverage of payment processing over a single, unified platform, Credorax is now a licensed acquirer in 28 countries. Our headquarters are in Boston and we have offices in the UK, Malta, Japan and Israel.  Our global influence has expanded even further thanks to a recently awarded license to process payments in Japan.

Online Payments for the 21st Century

Why does the payments world need Smart Acquiring?

Global e-commerce is complex. There are numerous financial hoops to jump through in order to successfully process online payments today.

The payments ecosystem involves complicated (and often international) banking procedures and interbank funds transfer systems that engage the minute a consumer enters credit card information online.  Until now, most of the infrastructure to support those sales existed in separate silos, making it almost impossible for retailers to efficiently manage their payment processing using one unified platform.

This is where Smart Acquiring comes into play. offers real time and customizable payment solutions using a single, digital, high-tech platform.

PSPs, ISOs and merchants need a global merchant acquirer who can provide the kind of service that supports the fast-paced world of online retailing including: fully automated digital merchant onboarding, real-time data reporting, high flexibility with remittance cycles and 24/7 service and support – because internet retailers never close, so why should your acquiring bank?

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