In the digital age, it’s possible to find reviews on almost all types of goods or services, and the payments industry is no different. Customer care has come to the forefront in all industries, and Credorax tries to keep focus squarely on what customers want and need to successfully use our products to help their own businesses.

No more silos: The customer should be at the center, as the work of different departments intersects with the common goal of improving the customer’s experience.

Why it’s worth examining the customer experience
A recent McKinsey podcast on improving the customer experience explained that it is the customer’s journey through various touchpoints, where a customer interacts with many different departments, which can have an influence on their overall experience with the provider. Positive interactions along the way can turn the customers into valuable assets: advocates and brand ambassadors.

Nicolas Maechler, from McKinsey & Company’s Paris office, maintains that customers are uncomplicated – they just want good service. Younger people especially, who are familiar with tech and seamless customer service, are demanding greater overall feedback and departmental cooperation. “What creates the complexity is the company,” says Maechler, meaning that little or no communications between departments – known as a “silo” mentality – and disconnects between the customers and the service providers are what create negative customer experiences.

How to build a positive customer experience
For customer experience success, Maechler advocates three points:

  • Top management has to lead, and all departments must “buy in”
  • Reworking the customers’ “end-to-end” journey through their interactions with the company, in order to have them be the focus
  • A feedback loop system, asking for specific ratings on each step and then applying that information to improve the experience

Credorax uses all of these suggestions to be customer centric. Our Chief Commercial Officer, Koen Vanpraet, explains, “I think the way we operate with our clients and our partners is probably different, it’s more evolved and it’s more passionate than the typical traditional acquirers out there in the market. I think the result is that we again are honored and blessed to have very strong and personal relationships with our clients and our partners across the regions in which we operate.”

As an agile acquiring bank, our approach is to make our staff – including executives – available to the customers to help build brand-specific platforms and troubleshoot issues as they arise. Each customer has a dedicated team, and this allows us to be far more flexible, dynamic, and technologically savvy as compared to a traditional bank.

We have constructed touchpoints that place the client at the center, from pre-sales to delivery to a post-sales relationship, and the results have meant that our customers and partners have become advocates for us!

Different facets of Credorax’s acquiring work together to gracefully move the customer through the experience.

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