The people behind Credorax have always been our top priority. We’ve always known that they are the reason it’s a great place to work – and now it’s official. Credorax has been awarded the National HR Quality Mark from the Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) for our effective practices in the field of Human Resources, in Malta and Europe.

The certification, which is awarded for a period of three years, serves as recognition of the professionalism, competence and contribution of Credorax’s HR practices and operations.

Not only is this a profound indication that when it comes to HR we’re doing the things that matter most to our team; it also reflects our commitment to placing HR practices at the centre of the business through the implementation of various policies and strategies, all imperative for attracting and retaining talent.

As Sharon Ekstein, Credorax’s Chief Human Resources Officer says:

“We have always strived to foster a supportive and nurturing culture at Credorax, and are honoured to have been recognised for our efforts by an organisation as esteemed as the FHRD.”


The changing HR game

 HR is a core pillar of any business but has increasingly become a focal point as we all navigate our way through the global pandemic. Employee wellbeing is more important than ever, and it’s encouraging to see that so many of the businesses that have thrived in the past year are those that made their people a priority.

Over the past few years, organisations have been challenged to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of their employees. At a time when we’re being reminded to be kind to one another, employees are growing increasingly mindful of a company’s ethics, which ultimately can sway the decision to either join, stay or move onto a new company.

Employees want to align themselves with companies that share their values and provide an all-important inspiration, offering opportunities to reach their full potential. That’s why, from the moment an employee joins our team, our main goal is to ensure their growth and journey at our company. It’s this knowledge and understanding that ultimately breeds a sense of family and loyalty, which directly translates into the care and compassion every individual at Credorax has for their colleagues and customers alike.

This certification is a testament to that effort, and we only hope to inspire other companies to invest as strongly in their HR programs as we have.


It’s pivotal to recognise that, to innovate effectively, businesses must take care of their employees.

 “There is a lot of trust, understanding of each other’s needs and a feel-good factor toward improvement.” – HR Quality Mark Assessment


The Credorax way of doing things


Change is the word on everybody’s lips. Ultimately, this readiness for change stems from the continual state of evolution in which we, at Credorax, find ourselves. And, with a team of talented and inspired employees ready to set the bar higher than ever on innovative and disruptive solutions, why not try new things?

our team members make credorax a great place to work

Pivoting, adapting and creating the ‘next big thing’ is what we’re all about. We all have our own part to play in making our mantra ‘uptime, all the time’ come true. Our Innovation Lab is an example of our commitment to this way of thinking, enabling our team to work with partners to develop solutions that utilise the power of AI, data science, payment fraud prevention techniques and technologies.

For our debut project, we partnered with eCommerce anti-fraud solution provider, Fraugster, to help Credorax customer, ModusLink, overcome its fraud issues while increasing its conversion rates.

So, while the world’s been through a tremendous period of transition from pre-Covid to, we hope, post-Covid, the constant readiness of Credorax employees to adapt served us well when transitioning in response to the pandemic.

This is, in part, because our people understand that their professional development is important to us. We want our team to be involved in the development of our culture and to enable us to maintain our close-knit community, irrespective of our ambitious plans for continued growth. After all, we couldn’t get there without them, and we understand that we’re only as good as the people we have on our team.

“The company truly believes in the continuing professional development of each and every employee.” – HR Quality Mark Assessment


Why Credorax is a great place to work

With employees now more isolated than ever due to the recent uptick in virtual working, they need the support of their employers for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Ultimately, it’s up to employers to recognise that employees are no longer just working from home, they’re living at work.

As part of our ongoing commitment to work/ life, we implemented a number of initiatives to enable our teams to create a flexible work-life balance.

We haven’t had to sacrifice connection during the process of pivoting to a work from home model, thanks to our ability to embrace the technologies that we now have available to us. For example, we’ve been able to organise zoom workouts, cook meals together online, and spend more time with our families, without sacrificing our working hours. And, let’s be honest, none of us are missing the daily commute.

Ultimately, we’re as connected and updated as we ever were, holding frequent Credorax employee updates, keeping us all informed on business revenue and news, while providing a moral boost by making sure that the way we communicate doesn’t revolve around a hierarchy. Much like our solutions, our culture is borderless.

That’s why it means so much to us that so many of these initiatives were recognised in the HR Quality Mark report. We’re always striving to make sure that we put our employees first, so to achieve a score of 95% from the examiners on the Quality Mark assessment is an achievement that we are incredibly proud of.

Our final score included full marks on wellbeing and work/ life balance, social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, ethics, corporate governance, and… our HR plan!

Good news – we’re hiring big time! If working for Credorax sounds right up your street, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our careers page and find the vacancy that’s right for you!