Christmas has come and gone, and New Year’s is fast approaching. Last week, in our Happy Holidays post, we took a look at our major achievements over the last year. This week we bring you the top five blog posts of the year.

The top five blog posts were chosen based on their popularity with readers, as well as how they exemplify the wide range of topics we covered this year. But mostly, they focus on what really matters most in the payments industry today. We are proud of how these posts have made us a part of the global payments conversation and we look forward to continuing to make an impact 2016.

Enjoy this “tasting menu” of the blog!


1. Cross-Border E-Commerce: Challenges and Solutions

In this post, we took a closer look at research from PayPal that demonstrated how cross-border trade is a driving force behind global commerce. This is because cross-border shoppers generally spend approximately two times as much as consumers who shop only domestically. Key ways to boost e-commerce sales: Overcoming consumer concerns about payment data security, adding payment method availability, shortening delivery times and improving return reliability.

2. Merchant Onboarding: Do We Need to Choose Between Speed and Credibility?

Many online payments companies reduce KYC research and underwriting in order to speed up onboarding. Credorax has a different approach: Rather than cutting out the underwriting and due diligence process, we believe the right direction of the industry is to automate the process. This post takes a closer look at how our ePower secure onboarding API streamlines the process, resulting in faster time to money.

3. Omnichannel Payments: What’s Behind the Buzz?

Seamless, multi-channel payments sound like a great idea, but it will take some work until the industry can catch up with customer expectations. In this article we examined some of the challenges that lie ahead for omnichannel payments.

4. EPA Awards Credorax Merchant Acquirer of the Year

What a night it was at this year’s Emerging Payments Awards in London! We took home awards for both Merchant Acquirer of the Year and Best Emerging Payments Marketing Campaign of the Year. It was truly an honor for us to be recognized by our peers for our efforts in making frictionless payments a global reality.

5. Why U.S. E-Retailers Need Cross-Border Acquiring

Expanding to international markets can be hard for many U.S. businesses, but it is necessary in today’s global e-commerce environment. Language, culture, local regulations and shipping can all present problems. But having the right foreign card payment processing for EU and UK consumers is essential for online retailing success. This article gives a good overview of how the right acquiring bank makes all the difference.

To our readers, thank you for making us part of your work day. We look forward to sharing more payments ideas in 2016. See you on the other side!