One of the most essential elements of our “business DNA” is our customer-centric approach. As a high-tech company serving the evolving needs of modern PSPs and merchants, we are dedicated to following the changing market trends and serving our clients accordingly.

To see how this approach plays out on a daily basis, we sat down with a number of our clients to hear from them about their experiences with the company, what works for them and how they view our working relationship.

Some of the partners featured in the clip are:

  • Mark Astbury, Commercial Director, PayPoint Mobile and Online
  • Fiona Brown, Head of Risk, PayPoint Mobile and Online
  • Andre Malinowski, Director of Financial Management Solutions, Moduslink
  • Nick Fox, Managing Director, Axcess Merchant Services
  • Richard Smith, Chief Strategic Officer, Trustpay Global
  • Steve Grech, CEO, LinkinFast

By asking a few pointed questions, we were able to hear directly from our partners how we are doing in our quest to break out of limits of traditional banking and bring about change in the acquiring space.

When asked to describe the value that Credorax brings to his company, Mark Astbury of PayPoint said: “Well I think you’re young and creative company so you can help us because you take a different approach, more of a technology approach rather than a banking approach”

In response to the question “What made you choose us as an acquirer?” Andre Malinowski of Moduslink said in the video: “The reason why we chose you is because you’re young and have a very dynamic team, with a fantastic relationship manager. She really supports us where she can.”

Andre is referring to our Client Relationship Managers, who are just one part of our multi-pronged approach to sales and customer support. We offer sales, solution and client support, so our clients are never left hanging.

In summing up their experiences, our partners used many adjectives such as “responsive”, “agile”, “strong” and “reliable”. Fiona Brown reported that she appreciates the “general can-do attitude of everyone at Credorax”.

As our CCO Koen Vanpraet says:

Never forget good old fashioned customer service. Credorax strongly believes in a customer-centric approach to acquiring. Each and every one of our customers and partners is assigned a dedicated Credorax team to support and assist them throughout the entire onboarding and production lifecycle.

When it comes to innovation in the world of acquiring, we are very proud of what we’ve achieved so far. However our main priority, above all else, is to listen and respond to our partners’ needs.

Our partner testimonials speak for themselves- literally! Click below to see the full clip.