Is the wallet headed the way of the horse and buggy?

Not anytime soon – but in a recent USA Today poll, 68 percent of smartphone owners thought that at some point in the future, smartphones will obviate the need for a physical wallet.

And while many consumers will proudly hang on to their wallets – whether out of nostalgia, plain old habit, or a simple preference for the physical over the digital – the trend lines are clear. As digital natives enter their prime earning (and spending) years, the ease of making a payment using nothing more than a mobile phone will increasingly become a basic customer expectation.

After all, if your next meal, your next ride, your next purchase, your favourite TV series, and a veritable treasure trove of knowledge and information are all available on your mobile device with a simple tap of the finger, why shouldn’t you be able to use that same device to make a seamless, secure payment?

In fact, hundreds of millions of customers around the world are already using smartphone-based digital wallets to pay for their purchases – and their ranks are only slated to grow.

This year, Juniper Research projects that there will be 227 million Apple Pay users and 100 million customers using Google Pay.
That’s why more and more merchants are enabling customers to pay for their purchases using their mobile phones.

Now, with mobile eCommerce rapidly gaining steam and customers demanding contactless payment options, merchants require a solution that enables seamless digital transactions.

Put simply: A payments solution that accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s an absolute must.

Secure Online Payments, Friction-Free

Among merchants, it’s no secret that friction in the payment and checkout processes is the leading culprit behind shopping cart abandonment.

Offering customers the ability to pay using a digital wallet can help nip this problem in the bud.

Indeed, given how many people are now doing their shopping on mobile devices themselves, making it easier for customers to pay with those devices is a no-brainer.

By 2021, according to eMarketer, mobile eCommerce will reach $3.56 trillion in sales – a 267% increase over 2016, when mobile accounted for just $970 billion in eCommerce sales.

This is all the more reason for merchants to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay: By doing so, they’ll allow the growing number of mobile customers to complete their purchases without having to enter any of their card or personal details.


using apple pay in store

It’s simply tap and pay.

Apple Pay and Google Pay function as digital pass-through wallets that store the user’s address and contact information, in addition to a tokenized version of the user’s card details, allowing them to pay with their mobile devices without keying any data, making checkouts smooth and improving merchants’ conversions.

What’s more, digital wallets like Apple Pay help merchants meet new PSD2 requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) without any additional steps or friction, with the customer’s card details (something they have) and biometric information (something they are) both stored on their phones and satisfying SCA standards.

All in all, there is no doubt that Apple Pay and Google Pay are the wave of the future, combining the ease and accessibility that consumers expect with the regulatory compliance that merchants need. And that’s why we’ve made sure to include these products in our offering as well.
Credorax merchants can now enjoy the benefits of offering Apple Pay and Google Pay to their customers, all with a seamless and effortless integration into their existing payments platforms.

Let Us Help You Grow

At Credorax, we’re committed to helping our merchants streamline their business operations and optimize their customer reach – which is why our payment methods offering enables merchants to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay for easy, secure, and seamless transactions.

Google Pay and Apple Pay can now be added to merchants’ accounts as payment options for their shoppers alongside the 150+ global payment methods Credorax offers.
Whether they prefer cash, cards, or their smartphones, your customers deserve the widest possible menu of payment options – and you need a partner that makes it possible.

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