Unattended POS

Earn more.

The right acquiring solution
makes all the difference.

All European currencies

Run your business globally,
get paid locally

Turnkey digital acquiring

One platform,
cross-European licensing

Flexible business models

Payment facilitator and payment
service provider

High approval rates

Approval rate
optimisation services

Fast, secure onboarding

Rapid TID issuing and setup,
onboarding APIs

Ready, steady, grow!

Imagine a fully secure, fast and more cost-effective
payment processing experience with no paperwork,
and no waiting for your money.

A single acquirer providing you with all the practical
digital tools and services you need to grow your business.

Advanced technology

Multiple payment

  • Fully EMV chip-compatible for Visa & MasterCard
  • EMV chip & contactless
  • Any PIN combination: Offline PIN, Online PIN and No PIN (for micropayments)
  • Mobile app

Fast transaction

Partial captures
on authorisations

Optional automatic
chargeback waives

Single point of contact
for settlements

The Credorax team really made the difference, because they were super responsive and guided us all the way until we were successfully achieving rapid IPSP integration and faster digital merchant onboarding. It had been taking a week or so to get a merchant up and running, but with the help of Credorax’s team, we quickly shortened it to a matter of days. Traditional processes can take weeks.

Aaron Subich
Product & Corporate Social Responsibility Executive

One acquirer.
One connection to Europe.

Find out how Credorax Smart Acquiring for
unattended POS can help your business grow

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