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Store your clients' card details
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Watch your revenue stream
increase while we optimise your
approval rates to bring them above
industry benchmarks


Keep fraud away with our Artificial
Intelligence-based fraud prevention
service, and smart rule engine

Products and services
that go the extra mile.

Any currency

Accept and process payments in any currency and
receive settlement in the currency of your choice

Personal service

Enjoy a refreshingly personal approach and readily
available team dedicated to providing the best
solutions and services to meet your business needs

Safe and secure

Protect your clients' personal and financial information
with our PCI DSS Level-1 compliant environment

You need confidence in your payment provider.

We've covered every base, so you can put your focus back where it
should be - on your core business.

Full routing gateway

Get the best processing results with our
smart-routing, agnostic gateway services,
enabling easy connection to
multiple acquirers

Hosted payment page

Design your own payment page or use a
hosted payment page — we handle the
payment data, so you can forget about
complicated PCI requirements

Business analytics

Access real-time processing data, log on to
your own merchant portal and receive rich
reports and statements to guide you towards
the right decisions for your business

Uptime, all the time

Our proprietary platform and
independent data centres ensure full
system redundancy across all regions,
so you never lose a transaction!

Multiple payment methods

Offer your clients a variety of payment
methods for ease of purchase and
higher conversion rates

With the variety of exotic transaction currencies that Credorax offers us, we have been able to expand our services globally, outside of the EU. In addition, approval rates on exotic currencies for cross border transactions turned out to be significantly higher with Credorax than with other acquirers.

Juraj Striezenec
Chief Financial Officer

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